Kolkata, India

Month: September 2021

The Little Book of Architecture, a must-addition to the school curriculum!

The Little Book of Architecture’s authors, Prof. Harshada Bapat Shintre and Prof. Yashwant Pitkar, have successfully managed to take us to their world of Architecture. And not to the technical and intricate one but a vibrant and humble one. A new realm created purely for understanding and discovering the regular architectural objects that do not…
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Pelikan Souverän 605 Green-White Special Edition

Pelikan. Very few entities survive the ravages of time, especially if you are a colossus in your chosen field of excellence. Pelikan is a notable exception, dating back its legacy to 1838, when the chemist Carl Horemann started offering oil paints, watercolours and coloured inks (farbige Dinten). The fountain pens for which we know and…
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Aurora 88 Blue Mamba Fountain Pen

The Northern Blue Mamba is an extremely venomous snake which can slither underwater for close to an hour and unlike its cousins of the Mamba clan of killers, is known to be active at night as well. If you are one suffering from Ophidiophobia (an extreme fear of snakes), read no further, for we are now…
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Arun Singhi makes another Lotus bloom – this time a Ganesha, hand carved and painted

Arun Singhi is without doubt one of India’s most talented penturners – to the extent, if I was an Emperor looking to create a monument to writing, that too of epic proportions, one that would defy time, I would, with eyes closed, hand over the project to him. I talk of Emperors and architectural wonders…
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Aviator Mark III – Red Baron from Montegrappa

The ultimate pilot’s pen is back with its sportiest look yet. Retro aviation styling meets stunt-plane optics in a new, limited-colour release. Get ready to rule the skies with the Aviator Red Baron. Soaring Italian writing performance returns in a familiar fuselage, this time anodised in bold signal red. With playful design codes to charm…
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Tibaldi Samarkand reviewed by magic’s vivaldi Howard Cunix

My wife said to me, ” You were excited when you opened that box!” Yes, inside was an exceptionally exquisite Tibaldi fountain pen. The distinctive Italian Resin awakens my memory of chatoyant celluloid. This writing instrument is very well-made with precise engineering and extra features and benefits. Before ordering, I spoke with owners of modern…
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Prof Dilip Shah, Fountain Pens and the art of transforming education – Jyotshna Agiwal

Prof Dilip Shah. Officially he is the Dean of Student Affairs of the Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC). But for many like me, his students (past and present), he is the latest avatar of God, no less. Prof Shah – Dilip Sir, as he is universally called, is a man of many parts – he…
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55 years of Lamy design

As an independent family company, since its foundation in 1930 Lamy has been firmly committed to Heidelberg as its only production centre, guaranteeing consistently premium quality “Made in Germany”. With the LAMY 2000, Dr Manfred Lamy established in 1966 the clear, unmistakable design language that still characterises the style of all the brand’s products today…
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Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass – Howard Cunix presents the new icon

Hello Fellow Fountain Pen Devotees!  Announcing the arrival of a prized treasure– Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass.  For many years, celebrated Kenro Industries has been the USA Distributor for important world-wide brands–Montegrappa, Aurora, and other Manufacturers which we instantly recognize, utilize daily, and, include in our pen collections.  In 2018, Kenro acquired the illustrious Esterbrook brand,…
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