Kolkata, India

About Us

United by a passion for the pen, we come together, not only to share matters of our reigning interest with like minded individuals but also to do everything possible to spread awareness about the legacy of Indian fountain pen making, about the art of writing with one’s own hands and the hobby of fountain pen collecting.

Governing Committee:

Yusuf Mansoor
the grand daddy of fountain pen collecting in India, Yusuf Mansoor is based in Patna and has one of the finest collections of fountain pens in these parts of the world. He is an expert on the development of filling systems and fountain pens made in India. He has made it his life’s mission to spread awareness about fountain pens and encourage youngsters to use them regularly.

Shukla Roy
A teacher by profession, Shukla Roy has been collecting fountain pens since her youth and has tirelessly worked towards ensuring that the fountain pen get the love and respect it deserves.

Sabyasachi Bhattacharjee
A collector of fountain pens who has literally spent his life collecting and with tender loving care, maintaining his collection. His knowledge about fountain pens, their personalities and the manufacturers has very few equals in the world.