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Tibaldi Samarkand reviewed by magic’s vivaldi Howard Cunix

Tibaldi Samarkand reviewed by magic’s vivaldi Howard Cunix

My wife said to me, ” You were excited when you opened that box!” Yes, inside was an exceptionally exquisite Tibaldi fountain pen. The distinctive Italian Resin awakens my memory of chatoyant celluloid. This writing instrument is very well-made with precise engineering and extra features and benefits.

Before ordering, I spoke with owners of modern Tibaldi pens and all were elated with their purchases and subsequent writing experiences. In researching Tibaldi Company history, I learned that in 1916, Giuseppe Tibaldi established this categorically Italian brand, and he directed the Company until he passed away in 1965. Management changes followed, and in 2004, world-revered Montegrappa Owner, The Aquila Family, acquired Tibaldi, and headquarters were relocated from Florence to Bassano del Grappa. Tibaldi’s original commitment to producing writing instruments of the highest quality continues today. Tibaldi is focused on EDC (Every Day Carry), thus we can count on affordable, practical pens with delightful designs to enjoy on a daily basis.

Throughout my 33 years of using and collecting fountain pens, I have seen descriptions of nibs, such as the heart and soul of the fountain pen, the fountain pen’s identity/character/spirit, and more. Indeed the Tibaldi nib has a charming personality! Every time I pick-up this fountain pen to write, it provides a fun occasion because of the consistently reliable stainless steel nib and ebonite feeder performance–together they form the essence of the Tibaldi fountain pen. These two vital pen components, ebonite (not plastic) feeder, and the Tibaldi nib, are meticulously selected and provide the desired result. Standard nib grade options are Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, and Double Broad. Stub nibs ground by craftsmen may be ordered on request. Tibaldi fountain pens are conveniently filled via any standard ink cartridge (2 Tibaldi-brand included) or the threaded, piston-style converter for bottle-filling (included).What is the significance of the palladium trim on Tibaldi pens? Palladium is a member of the platinum group of metals, but palladium is harder thus more durable. The weight (28gm), length (146 mm), and diameter (13 mm) of the pen are the most suitable and it’s fitly-balanced, whether the cap is posted or not (and it does post firmly). Holding this Tibaldi in the hand is comfortable for both brief and extended writing periods. The clip slides easily into the shirt pocket yet it is snug so it won’t dislodge . The threaded cap reinforces a secure closure, and does not bind/catch/hang-up when replacing it onto the barrel. Furthermore, there is an optimal number of turns for cap removal and replacement.

Complementing the fountain pen are both rollerball and ballpoint.

Modern-Day Tibaldi has already introduced 5 stunning Collections. They are favorably priced and represent real value. Model names are Bamboo, Bononia, Infrangibile, N60, Perfecta. Each model is produced in a number of splendid finishes/colors.I am delighted with the Tibaldi Samarkand, and 2 of the people whom I contacted own the Bononia model, so no matter which model is chosen, I am confident you will treasure it. Tibaldi Italy offers a 10% discount for first-time orders.

Visit https://www.tibaldi.com/en/shop/pens. As you scroll down the page, more pens will continuously appear. After clicking-on a photo image and making a selection, click-on “Add To Bag.” Then click-on the counter number, next click-on “View My Bag”, and then type WELCOME where you see, “Insert discount code”, next click-on “Apply Discount.”

Company Social Media Channels: @tibaldi.official

A trusted source advised that in the near future, gold nibs and a piston-filler mechanism are being developed for special Tibaldi editions, so we shall stay tuned!


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