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Aurora 88 Blue Mamba Fountain Pen

Aurora 88 Blue Mamba Fountain Pen

The Northern Blue Mamba is an extremely venomous snake which can slither underwater for close to an hour and unlike its cousins of the Mamba clan of killers, is known to be active at night as well. If you are one suffering from Ophidiophobia (an extreme fear of snakes), read no further, for we are now going to talk about the Aurora 88 Blue Mamba – the latest from the hundred-and-two-year-old legacy penmaker from Turin (Italy).

Says the company literature about the latest offering, a Limited Edition Guilloché “grana di riso” with a 18kt blue solid gold nib and Satin ruthenium trims “determination, speed of execution and effectiveness, are all aspects of the Mamba that inspired us. The texture of his skin has been a source of inspiration guilloche pattern of the cap, barrel and bottom.”

For the uninitiated, Guilloché is a decorative technique in which a very precise, intricate and repetitive pattern is mechanically engraved into an underlying material via engine turning. The term is also used more broadly to refer to repetitive architectural patterns of intersecting or overlapping spirals or other shapes, though its truest representation can be found in jewellery work, especially Guilloché enamel which is a form of work that involves using the lathe to work the metal into a pattern and then enamelling over that pattern. If you ask me, the Guilloché work alone makes this pen worth its weight in venom.

That the Aurora 88 Blue Mamba will be limited to only 888 pieces is another reason that will make collectors and connoisseurs of fine writing instruments hiss with desire.

It will not be out of place to mention here the fact that Aurora is one of the few leading fountainpen manufacturers in the world that produces its nibs in-house. As a matter of fact, such is the Aurora obsession with nibs that it produces no less than twenty-one different types. Aurora nibs cover the entire spectrum from the extra-fine to the broad apart from having specialised offerings for the left handers and those requiring specialised nibs for use in different cultures like Chinese and Middle Eastern.

This pen too comes replete with a choice of nibs from Extra fine to broad not to mention those for lefties, Chinese and Arabic writers.

For more information contact: https://www.aurorapen.it/en/


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