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To commemorate the Coronation of King Charles III, we celebrate this historic event with the Coronation Pen in Sterling Silver.

The sterling silver cap is decoratively engraved with a design centered around detail from the Supertunica (also known as the Robe Royal). The Supertunica forms part of the coronation garments worn by British monarchs, and the current garment has been worn by every monarch since 1911. A garment not only linked to British monarchy as a concept, but also linked personally to the House of Windsor.

The sterling silver barrel design tells a story. Starting at the base, we have portraits of the preceding monarchs who bore the name of Windsor. Above this, the symbol of the Prince of Wales symbolises Charles’ life until becoming King. At the top, detail from St. Edmund’s chair – the chair upon which he will sit to be crowned King. Then, having been crowned, Charles’ new responsibilities will be to all nations of the UK and this is symbolised by detail from the throne cushion, showing emblems of England, Scotland and Wales.

The Coronation Pen is complemented with a gold-plated clip and cap band with the official commemorative hallmark of King Charles III engraved. The silver cap button is engraved with the official Coronation emblem.

The Coronation Pen in Sterling Silver is available in a choice of two editions:  an Edition of 7 pens fitted with No.7 nib & Edition of 8 pens fitted with No.8 nib.

The Coronation Pen is also available in Acrylic with Sterling Silver Cap: The Coronation Pen.

For More information: The Coronation Fountain Pen | Onoto The Pen


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