Kolkata, India

Month: June 2022

Surendra Karamchandani, Venus Traders and the Pune Pen Show

Surendra Karamchandani of Venus Traders in Pune, represents that rare breed of businessmen who, by the dint of their passion for the trade, become so large that their names become generic – synonymous with their calling. This happens when such men set their sights beyond the ambit of their narrow gains, focussing on development of…
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Sulekha Launches Swaraj Ink In The Presence Of Noted Dignitaries

It was quite a forlorn day in Kolkata on Saturday. The weather was gloomy, there was hardly any breeze, and the sun kept hiding behind the clouds. But, inside a factory located in the interiors of Jadavpur, Kolkata was plenty of conversations going on. Some were historical facts, some about the rising pollution issues, and…
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