Kolkata, India

Month: December 2021

Feluda, Fountain Pen and a flight of imagination

I am Karishma Siddique Roy. My arty alter ego is Karie Potter. I specialize in portraits and have a page on Instagram called Potteraits. I took up sketching with fountain pens a year ago and have been using and experimenting with a wide variety of pens and inks. Some of my favourite pens include, Pilot Namiki…
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Nicky Pessaroff, Editor, Pen World talks about pens, the fraternity and the magazine that has been its vanguard for close to four decades now!

PenLoversKolkata: When and why did you start Pen World Magazine? Nicky Pessaroff, Editor, Pen World:  Pen World was started in 1987 as a fine print magazine for the pen collecting community, which was experiencing one of its “golden ages” at the time. With the rise of high-end fountain pen brands and luxury limited editions, the…
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David Oscarson Introduces Collection Featuring Lord Ganesha

David Oscarson is synonymous with fine craftsmanship. As a matter of fact, such is his reputation that anytime the launch of a new pen is announced, it creates buzz among fountain pen lovers. Such is the delight for the brand’s projection of technique and artistry in writing instruments. This time, the frenzy is all about…
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