Kolkata, India

Month: October 2021

Black. A Click tribute to the Deep.

Black. Why am I fascinated with Black fountain pens? Why do we fountain pen fanatics dream of the Black 149, or the Black KOP for that matter, when in a dream sequence, it can technically take any colour? Why is there such an aura about uncapping a black pen, while seemingly lost in thought, we…
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Krishna Ink Peacock Blue – God’s own hues from the master in God’s own country!

The search for excellence is an unending quest – one that has no place for complacency, no respite as it were, from the steady surge forward, even if to sit back, relax and soak in the glory of one’s creations. And who can be a better example of this passion for excellence, than Dr Sreekumar…
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Dilip Basak, Ma Durga and the hand-made pen for a daughter!

Dilip Basak, Ma Durga and the hand-made pen for a daughter! A father’s love turned to perfection to celebrate the homecoming of Bengal’s daughter! I have never seen a fountain pen being made before my eyes. Thus, when I got the chance, to see ace craftsman Dilip Basak turn a fountain pen as I waited,…
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Harry Potter: Hogwarts LE, befitting tribute to an immortal legacy

Harry Potter. Yes, that’s it, it is the introduction to this blog As I write this blog wearing Harry Potter’s infamous-mark-on-the-forehead-and-round-spectacles pyjamas and a Deathly Hallows T-shirt, I can sense the magic of the wizarding world around me. In 1997, J. K. Rowling enchanted the world with her first book ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s…
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Conway Stewart, James Bond and the Commander LE

Conway Stewart Series 100 Commander – a Limited Edition pen to celebrate Daniel Craig being made a Commander of the Royal Navy   Ian Fleming, when he created the fictional character of James Bond (double-O-seven) in 1953, little did he suspect that Bond would become the global phenomenon that he is. Books, comic strips, radio,…
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