Kolkata, India

Month: August 2019

An Appeal

I have just launched a platform called “The Handwriting Consortium” through my museum. I am yet to have its presence on Facebook and other Social Media platforms. It is to encourage the habit of writing for posterity. This an all inclusive non threatening  group. The main purpose is if the habit of handwriting is kept…
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Group Buys

The “Group Buy”. Some even go so far as to call it the Mass Drop. It is a practice that originated and found wide acceptance as groups of pen lovers proliferated in the world wide web. Suddenly, individual buyers stood empowered, as they could approach manufacturers / sellers as a group and demand not only…
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Lovers of Fountain Pens, unite!

Please fill up the attached Membership Form for being eligible to be considered a member of the tribe called #PenLoversKolkata. Membership is absolutely FREE and as a  valid member one is entitled to all the benefits that will accrue to the members from time to time.    Membership is open to all individuals above the…
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