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Group Buys

Group Buys

The “Group Buy”. Some even go so far as to call it the Mass Drop. It is a practice that originated and found wide acceptance as groups of pen lovers proliferated in the world wide web. Suddenly, individual buyers stood empowered, as they could approach manufacturers / sellers as a group and demand not only better service but also deep-discounted prices. The Sellers too benefited, as they could plan their productions to meet the firm demand, not to speak of eliminating the middlemen, who in most cases eat away the bulk of the profits.

However, as with all good things, this system too, over time, has been compromised to a very great extent with a select few, using the numbers and unsuspecting group members to further vested interests. Mind you, we are not talking about the rule, but the exceptions. Again, not all group buys are vitiated, only a few are and it will be our endeavour to learn from the good ones, take lessons from the bad and offer better options.

For, it is this system that we want to work towards restoring – by, of and for the fountain pen lovers.

Yes, we will have group buys. Yes, we will try to keep things as transparent and above board as possible. Yes, we will ensure that the spoils are spread in a just and equitable manner among all members. No, we will not keep a part commissions / discounts etc.

Come on board if you are interested and let us take things forward? 

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  1. sonam kumari says:

    it will be a great help for us ordinary fountain pen lovers who normally get a very raw deal from the pen sellers and the ‘experts’ who run the facebook and whatsapp groups. i for one welcome your initiative and hope that it will solve our problems as so far, we have not received anything except big-big talk and boasts about the expensive pens they own from these experts, who are actually no more than pen sellers who have been self-appointed as experts.
    please go ahead and do all that you have written here it will surely be a great help to all of us ordinary pen lovers who do not have much money to spend but still want good pens.
    thank you and good wishes.


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