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An Appeal

An Appeal

I have just launched a platform called “The Handwriting Consortium” through my museum.

kc janardhan
Prof K C Janardhan

I am yet to have its presence on Facebook and other Social Media platforms.

It is to encourage the habit of writing for posterity. This an all inclusive non threatening  group. The main purpose is if the habit of handwriting is kept alive then the users will multiply and the manufacturers across the globe will be benefited.

It is now the age of collaboration rather than competition!

I seek all of your cooperation and support .

-Prof K C Janardhan



2 Responses

  1. sonam kumari says:

    i am big fan sir. want to learn about pens from you. please help me build collection of fountain pens.

    • Dear Sonam Kumari,
      Thank you for the message. You can start with some practical fountain pens according to your budget and also make sure that they all fit comfortably in your hands to write. There may be some pens which people collect for the looks or the brand or the rarity of the pen, but they may not be comfortable to write with. It is your personal choice.
      You can also choose the nib thickness according to your writing size. EF and F for small and fine writing size, Medium for normal size and broad for large sized writing.


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