Kolkata, India

Month: August 2022

Take a dive into BENU’s forest pond

BENU creates colourful pens. BENU has a glittery style. BENU creates wonder in the form of fountain pens. If there ever would be a gallery for fountain pens, BENU would take the centre stage, such is its grandeur. BENU pens are a blend of chic, elegance, and craftsmanship. They have the most different style in…
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Sulekha means to Write Well. Sulekha Swaraj – independence from poor handwriting!

In 1934, when Sulekha inks had taken birth, the fight was against the Raj. The fight was to establish a Swadeshi product, built by Indians using local resources, but comparable with the best in the world. Sulekha, as we all know, had won that battle to emerge as the ink maker of the Nation. Thank…
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