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David Oscarson Introduces Collection Featuring Lord Ganesha

David Oscarson Introduces Collection Featuring Lord Ganesha

David Oscarson is synonymous with fine craftsmanship. As a matter of fact, such is his reputation that anytime the launch of a new pen is announced, it creates buzz among fountain pen lovers. Such is the delight for the brand’s projection of technique and artistry in writing instruments. This time, the frenzy is all about the Limited Edition Ganesha Collection.

David Oscarson, an intellectual artist, has an inclination towards different cultures. It inspires him to fashion such intricate works. However, it was his friend, Firdosh Patel, who encouraged him to pursue the mighty Lord Ganesha pen. It is perhaps obvious that Patel only has words of appreciation for his friend.

Their camaraderie started in 2016 when Patel could not remove his eyes from David Oscarson’s Knights Templar. The two had a conversation about the masterpiece and immediately hit it off. With no prior interest towards fountain pens, Patel says that he started embracing them only because of David Oscarson’s mesmerising craftsmanship. He says, “I held it in my hand and instantly knew this was something very special, it was not just a pen, it was an amazingly glorious work of art.”

David Oscarson

The Ganesha collection is a tribute to Hinduism as well as the strong bonds of their friendship, feels Patel. And David Oscarson is quick to point out how he had planned the pen with the help of Patel’s knowledge about the Hindu deity. That he precisely worked around the details to perfect the visual aesthetics to offer a genuine cultural experience to the users, needs not to be mentioned, typical as they are of David Oscarson’s devotion to details. The solid illustration of the pen proves the meaningful efforts put into its penmanship.

The pen comprises three different visuals of Ganesha – on the pen clip, cap, and barrel. The pen clip focuses on the trunk of Ganesha that exudes the Lord’s abilities to maintain peace and spirituality. The cap has Ganesha’s face embedded intricately in multi-coloured enamel that required delicate attention to the intricate and aesthetic detailing. The barrel displays the entire structure of the Lord with his vahana ‘the rat’. This illustration is made on ambitious guilloche patterns that lend finesse to the magnum opus.

Details dwell on the body of the Ganesha pen like bees nest their hives. Every little aspect has been designed keeping in mind the deep cultural complexities involved. The symbol ‘Om’ is inscribed in Sanskrit at the top of the cap thrice. The Ganesha incantation engraved on the pen’s gripping segment is done in the Sanskrit resembling language, Samarkand.

The concept mirrors the devotion of David Oscarson who achieves textural quality in every piece. His distinct approach to penmaking is visible as this grand collection represents novel spheres altogether.

The Lord Ganesha Fountain Pen has a serene appearance. A treat for every Ganesha devotee, the pen is translucent with gold highlights and white enamel. It beautifully preserves the sanctity with substantial expressions and a commendable theme. David Oscarson explains, “Lord Ganesha is the supreme leader, one who has no leader himself. He is known by several names, including Vighneshvara, the Lord of Obstacles, meaning he is a remover of obstacles and all challenges of life. The Ganesha represents the beauty and difficulty of our craft.”

David Oscarson

Assembled with 14 karat gold nibs, you can choose from a vivid colour palette. The shades are emerald green, ruby red, saffron, mint green, mossy black, teal, white, and azure (light blue). Available in both rollerball and cartridge/converter fountain pen versions, the collection is limited to 108 pieces per colour. The figure 108 holds sacred relevance in our Hindu culture. That’s why Oscarson has the collection limited to the very numeral, to show his respect towards the philosophy.

About Oscarson: David Oscarson has been crafting luxury fountain pens since the start of the century. In these 21 years, he has produced multiple limited edition pen collections. He has received several awards for his stunning creations with meaningful references. The most significant point of concern, for him, is to put across the true sense of a signature. His mindful approach, unique hand-rendered patterns, and usage of traditional art forms have made him a master in this field. David Oscarson’s favourite part about this process is looking at an idea transition into a real and living object.

David Oscarson

For more information, please log on to: https://www.davidoscarson.com


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