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Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass – Howard Cunix presents the new icon

Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass – Howard Cunix presents the new icon

Hello Fellow Fountain Pen Devotees!  Announcing the arrival of a prized treasure– Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass.  For many years, celebrated Kenro Industries has been the USA Distributor for important world-wide brands–Montegrappa, Aurora, and other Manufacturers which we instantly recognize, utilize daily, and, include in our pen collections.  In 2018, Kenro acquired the illustrious Esterbrook brand, and what they have achieved in just 3 years is probably unmatched in the history of modern fountain pen brand development.  Lilac, Maraschino, Honeycomb, Ebony, Tortoise, Cobalt, Evergreen, Rocky Top, Aqua, Gold Rush, Peacock, Sparkle, and now….Sea Glass.  The Estie is the most prominent model within The Esterbrook group of writing instruments.  Examples of other popular Esterbrook models are JR Pocket Pen: Paradise Collection, Camden, and Phaeton.

Upon opening the presentation case to view the Sea Glass fountain pen…The physical aspect immediately noticed is the glistening acrylic body–it is remarkably exquisite with its Sea Glass Color Combination.  

Sea glass is physically and chemically weathered, frosted, smooth pieces of glass found on beaches along bodies of salt water. 

The component of the fountain pen which receives the majority of our attention and dominates our pen discussions, is, indeed, the nib.  One official definition of the verb, glide, is… to move smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly–and this Estie nib literally glides across the paper!  The nib is constructed of choice, gold-plated steel in a 6mm size, produced by Germany’s JoWo.  It can be ordered in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1 Stub, Scribe, or, with the Esterbrook Journaler nib assembly–the cost is $50.  The Journaler nib has been described as a practical daily writer that adds elegance to our writing style.  The Estie is equipped with a modern nib and can be adapted using Kenro’s precisely engineered, MV Nib Adaptor, so that the full range of vintage Esterbrook nibs can be experienced with your contemporary Estie.  This is another bonus feature and benefit from Kenro.

The Estie’s grip is comfortable because it is correctly balanced in the hand, attributed to the specific dimensions which are carefully designed, i.e., weight, length, diameter.  The polished clip supports convenient pocket placement–the pen slides easily into a shirt pocket.  The secure screw-on cap with Estie’s Cushion Cap Closure System plus the dependable feeder, ensure that ink flows consistently without hesitation even after the Estie has been unused. The threading is flawless–it does not bind, catch, or hang-up. This advantage occurs as a result of perfect engineering tolerance–a term familiar to tool and die makers.  Whether a bolt and a nut, or a cap and a barrel–the goal is the elimination of wobble or play that adversely affects the threading operation.  The number of turns for cap removal and replacement is just right.  Standard-size cartridge is included, as well as a Schmidt converter for bottle-filling.  The Estie Sea Glass is offered in both gold and palladium finishes, and designed in a standard size and oversize.   General Specs for the Standard size: Weight: 24g. Dimensions: 5.9″ closed, 5″ open, 6.7″ posted.  General Specs for the Oversize:  Weight:  33g.  Dimensions:  6.1″ closed, 5.3″ open, 7.3″ posted.

And the Collection is completed with Rollerball and Ballpoint. 

Please note that certain Estie finishes are permanenetly sold-out. The good news is that some are still available for purchase. The Estie Sea Glass is only temporarily sold-out but will be available again very soon.  Estie Sea Glass is part of the Core Range of Esties and thus, along with the other Core Range finishes, will be produced continuously.

Do you own and use an Estie? It is among the most recommended premium fountain pens available for our consideration.

If you want to learn more about sea glass and beaches….


Another worthy news item:  The new Esterbrook inks have arrived!  

These European-made inks have been tested for quality and flow to confirm maximum performance in your favorite fountain pens. There are 9 colors, each in vintage-inspired packaging.  Tangerine, Cobalt Blue, Ebony, Evergreen, Aqua, Scarlet, Shimmer Tangerine, Shimmer Lilac, and Shimmer Aqua.  

After the recent Washington DC Fountain Pen Super Show, I spoke with a Dealer/Retailer as well as a few attendees. Some comments… “I can always count on the Kenro people.  They really care about their Dealers and our customers, the people who purchase from us.  They always have an important presence at Pen Shows.”  (In fact, they are currently at the San Francisco Pen Show).

“Kenro has the best customer service.”  

For me, it’s been 33 years of fun with fountain pens, and I truly appreciate Kenro’s sincere people and their highly pleasurable fountain pens.  They have earned my confidence and trust.  Plus, they treat us like friends.  With infinite thanks for all you do, Kenro!

Happy Writing Everyone!

I am retired from an immensely enjoyable, 40-year sales career. I had the best job in the world–they paid me a salary to call-on my friends. My hobbies are magic and fountain pen use and collecting. The former since age 13, and the latter for 33 years. Fountain pens connect people internationally, thus creating a brotherhood bond. I am happy to be a part of this wonderful group of people!



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