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The Curious Case of Ink Pricing

We are a strange people. When it comes to posturing, we are jingoistic to the point of being obnoxious. We wear our nationalism on our sleeves like oversized logos, while in the heart of our hearts we couldn’t care less, for what drives our purchase decision is really the price consideration. The strange, nay, inexplicable…
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Montegrappa Creates Yet Another Masterpiece, This Time With Smiley!

Montegrappa, the name resonates with creativity, exclusivity, and eccentricity. The makers of Montegrappa have given the fountain pen community some of the quirkiest pens. They are known to treat the users with a combination of fountain pens and some of their favourite fads. Earlier, they have created Limited Edition pens paying tribute to Harry Potter,…
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Tibaldi Samarkand reviewed by magic’s vivaldi Howard Cunix

My wife said to me, ” You were excited when you opened that box!” Yes, inside was an exceptionally exquisite Tibaldi fountain pen. The distinctive Italian Resin awakens my memory of chatoyant celluloid. This writing instrument is very well-made with precise engineering and extra features and benefits. Before ordering, I spoke with owners of modern…
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Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass – Howard Cunix presents the new icon

Hello Fellow Fountain Pen Devotees!  Announcing the arrival of a prized treasure– Esterbrook Estie Sea Glass.  For many years, celebrated Kenro Industries has been the USA Distributor for important world-wide brands–Montegrappa, Aurora, and other Manufacturers which we instantly recognize, utilize daily, and, include in our pen collections.  In 2018, Kenro acquired the illustrious Esterbrook brand,…
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