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Take a dive into BENU’s forest pond

Take a dive into BENU’s forest pond

BENU creates colourful pens. BENU has a glittery style. BENU creates wonder in the form of fountain pens. If there ever would be a gallery for fountain pens, BENU would take the centre stage, such is its grandeur. BENU pens are a blend of chic, elegance, and craftsmanship. They have the most different style in the fountain pen industry. BENU attempts to break the code with its out-of-the-box models in a world largely dominated by blacks and suave designs. So, what does BENU has in store for you this time? Let’s check it out!

BENU recently brought out its Euphoria Collection which has several fountain pens for keen enthusiasts. One of its pens includes The Forest Pond fountain pen which features hand-painted art that will remind you of the story that you used to hear in your childhood about the fishes. The pen went out of stock momentarily but it is available now on the official website of BENU. Since the model is not like other regular models, it takes time to perfect its formation.


You can spot a goldfish and white water lilies against an aqua-blue background that will remind you of an enchanted world. The creators have added green and blue glitter to the material of the pen to produce an illusion of depths in a forest pond. This has added vibrancy to the pen making it a piece of art. The pen has water bubbles, uses multiple colours, and looks like you have dived inside a pond. Well, is not this what BENU does every time? They paint the entire picture by actually painting the real picture which makes the user get lost in some other world.

With the Forest Pond also, it is very hard to move away your eyesight with just one look. The usage of colour has been in a manner to create an illusion of an actual pond. If you look closely, you can spot the details with which the pen has been conceived. The fact that they have been handmade adds more reality to the collection. According to the makers, it takes them 5 days to bring out the impressive depth and unique glare in the pen. The series of blue and green hues make for an excellent replica of a forest pond.

This pen comes with an international converter and a blue ink cartridge. It can also be converted to eyedropper filler. The makers have used high-quality resin in the body of the pen and stainless steel in the clip material. All three nibs, fine, medium, and bold, are available. Besides all standard offerings, the creators also provide an unlimited warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials. You get your hands on a whole package at BENU!


Recently, BENU pens shifted operations to Armenia. The reasons are unknown and we don’t seek to uncover them as BENU keeps making statement pieces that challenge the mundane life. The creators of BENU pens have never withheld their imagination and that’s what we like about them the most. Throughout its years of operation, the company has never adjusted its quality or design. It has maintained consistency in putting forward aesthetically sound and operationally perfect pens that stand out in the crowd.

For More information visit: https://www.benupen.com/


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