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Conway Stewart New Silver Doctor’s Pen Is Your Perfect Companion

Conway Stewart New Silver Doctor’s Pen Is Your Perfect Companion

Friends, Countrymen, and Doctors, lend me your ears! There is a new pen on the market that is designed especially for the professionals working in the medical world. This pen is an extension to the first Limited Edition Conway Stewart Doctor’s Pen that sold out early in 2022. The new version of this pen is designed for those individuals who keep asking the brand to bring out ‘another Doctor’s Pen’. It will provide doctors with a fascinating choice to obtain another prized possession from Conway Stewart.

We all know that doctors, unlike professionals in other fields, often use fountain pens on a daily basis. We have seen many doctors write with eye-catching polished pens in a beautiful handwriting that actually makes us question the widespread notion – “Why can’t common people understand a doctor’s handwriting?” Well surely, these people have not yet seen a doctor use a fountain pen.

One thing is common between doctors and other fountain pen users – the urge to seek and secure unique yet smooth writing instruments that will enhance their daily routine from monotonous to thrilling. In the case of doctors, both patients and fountain pens are in the safest hands! Doctors often look for fountain pens that will add value to their position in the community. This is why Conway Stewart designed the most desirable pen for doctors which they could literally call their own in every aspect – ideation, designing, and ownership.

Conway Stewart

The new version of the Doctor’s Pen features turning pattern called ‘Waves’ and is engraved using a 100-year-old engine-turning machine. The ‘waves’ pattern add a sparkle to the pen that turns it personality from ordinary to majestic. Every time you turn the Doctor’s Pen in light, you can see how the waves sparkle against it. There are not many fountain pens that have patterns all over their body. This unique feature of waves makes the Doctor’s Pen an instant hit among fountain pen enthusiasts.

This fountain pen’s clip also features the Rod of Asclepius which is a symbol of a serpent wrapped around a staff. It takes its name from a Greek deity that is associated with healing and medicinal arts in their mythology. You can often find this symbol on the prescription of doctors. Conway Stewart Doctor’s Pen gives life to this symbol and a perfect ode to the Greek God, Asclepius. The gold serpent looks magnificent against the sterling silver body of the Doctor’s Pen.

Conway Stewart

The cap and barrel of this fountain pen are fashioned in Sterling Silver. The Birmingham Assay Office stamps full English hallmarks on each fountain pen’s barrel to ensure the purity of the silver used in the pen. On the cap, it is engraved – The Doctor’s Pen – Made In England that confirms the roots of the pen. You can select any of the Conway Stewart 2-tone 18 carat gold nibs to go with your fountain pen. The 18 carat gold nib allows doctors to write smoothly as it creates a fluent flow of ink giving you several hours of writing pleasure. These nibs improve the aesthetics of the Doctor’s Pen by complementing with the gold serpent on the clip. If you want a smooth writing experience, choose from the nibs according to your preference – Broad, Medium, Fine, and Extra Fine.

The Doctor’s Pen comes with a dual filling system – converter and cartridges. It is fitted with a convertor where you can draw ink from a bottle or use standard ink cartridges. This pen comes with two complimentary cartridges that can be attached to the pen as soon as you receive it. You get the pen in a creatively designed display box which holds the Doctor’s Pen in a manner as if it is suspended mid-air. You also get a Certificate of Authenticity that shows the issue number of the pen.

Conway Stewart

Another feature of the Doctor’s pen is that it can be converted into a rollerball pen at your will. You can get the highly developed Conversion Kit and use the given instructions to make the choice. One day it can be a style-defining fountain pen and the other day it can simply be an ordinary writing instrument.

The specifications and dimensions of the Doctor’s Pen are:

Length Closed: 145mm

Length Posted: 176mm

Length of Cap: 70mm

Diameter of Cap: 16mm

Diameter of Barrel: 13mm

Length of Barrel including nib: 126mm

Weight: 48gms

Special Nib Options: Italic, Left Oblique, Right Oblique, and Stub

Special properties of Silver

We would like to take this moment to discuss the anti-bacterial properties of silver. The element penetrates bacterial membranes and binds them to cell components to prevent the spread of bacteria. Silver is often used in bandages and door handles’ coatings to stop the transmission of germs. Conway Stewart utilized this very property of silver and chose it as the material whilst designing the fountain pen for doctors.


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