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Surendra Karamchandani, Venus Traders and the Pune Pen Show

Surendra Karamchandani, Venus Traders and the Pune Pen Show

Surendra Karamchandani of Venus Traders in Pune, represents that rare breed of businessmen who, by the dint of their passion for the trade, become so large that their names become generic – synonymous with their calling. This happens when such men set their sights beyond the ambit of their narrow gains, focussing on development of the domain, rising above narrow, parochial considerations. And who cab better exemplify the point than Surendra Karamchandani?

Venus Traders, is certainly Pune’s go-to stationery destination. Surendra Karamchandani’s knowledge about his segment is as deep as it gets. The spread at the shop is delectable. The pricing is just (and right). The customer relationship is impeccable. But that is not what has made Surendra Karamchandani or Venus Traders the attain the pinnacle that it has. It is the man’s single-minded devotion to the cause of hand writing and writing implements that has made him what he is. The fact that he is willing to put his money where his mouth is, so far as creating and sustaining the market of writing implements and accessories go, is what sets him head and shoulders above, creating in the process a unique niche for Venus Traders in the hearts of the aficionados.

Surendra Karamchandani, Venus Traders and the Pune Pen Show

Take handwriting for example. Encouraging youngsters to focus on their handwriting, to enjoy the art of writing to be precise. Venus Traders has been the prime moving force behind Pune’s efforts to encourage her young to write beautifully. “It is not merely about selling fountain pens and inks” says Karamchandani, “it is about encouraging our children to write, to feel the joy of seeing their thoughts taking shape on paper, to help them inculcate a lifelong affair with positivity, to empower them so that they may acquire the confidence that good handwriting bestows upon the practitioner.”

As a matter of fact, so serious is Venus Traders about its mission, that the annual handwriting competition that they organise to commemorate the Handwriting Day on January 23rd, has already become a fixture in Pune’s Cultural Calendar. This year for example, about 15,000 students, representing 25 city schools participated. That too, at a time when the life was just about beginning to limp back to normalcy after the devastation unleashed by the pandemic and the lockdown that had brought life to a standstill. “God willing” says Surendra Karamchandani, “next year we will organise the competition on a much larger scale spread over 100 schools and at least 40,000 students. For, I am simply overwhelmed by the huge response received by not only the participating students, but also their parents and teachers. The fact that we felicitate the schools also acts as an incentive. ”

Harsh Gagwani, the Managing Director of Click Pens, who had sponsored the prizes concurs, “one has to see the excitement of the participating children to believe just how successful the handwriting competition was. Click is proud to have been associated with the noble effort and we look forward to cementing our ties with Venus Traders further.”

Prof Yashwant Pitkar, globally revered as the “travelling inkpot” for his collection of fountain pen and inks, a life dedicated to inculcating the passion for the pen, is equally ecstatic about the work being done by Venus Traders. “Surendra Karamchandani must be lauded for all that he is doing to spread the cult of writing, especially with fountain pens and ink. He is the moving spirit behind the Pune Pen Club, which is a thriving platform for likeminded individuals to meet, greet and share their passion for the pen. The handwriting competition organised by them is also a step in the right direction and I personally feel that the way the event has encouraged our young to concentrate on the art of writing needs to be praised unequivocally.”

Surendra Karamchandani, Venus Traders and the Pune Pen Show

As a matter of fact, it will not be an exaggeration to say that the contribution of Surendra Karamchandani and Venus Traders behind making Pune a centre for fountain pen, ink and handwriting excellence with a thriving community of fountain pen users cannot be overemphasised. The fact that Venus Traders has virtually become “the” venue for any fountain pen related event in Pune – be that the Pelikan Hub or regular Pen Meets or handwriting, lettering and calligraphy courses, bolsters the point.

And now Surendra Karamchandani and his Venus Traders is all set to take the passion to the next stage by organising Pune’s biggest Fountain Pen Show, ever. “The pandemic has given rise to a new breed of fountain pen and ink users, who have taken up the hobby while they were forced indoors. These new users have never experienced a Pen Show and are raring to go. As for the ones who are already wedded to the hobby, the long separation from fellow fountain pen fanatics and the inability to meet the manufacturers and dealers, to sample the latest offerings is extremely painful and we are flooded with requests to organise a Show where all the pent-up energies can find a release” says Karamchandani of Venus Traders.

Surendra Karamchandani, Venus Traders and the Pune Pen Show

It is a bit early to discuss the concrete plans as the final touches are being given, but stay tuned, we will get you the details as soon as they are worked out. And remember, you read it here first.  

For more information: https://www.venustradersonline.com/       


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