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Benu: St. Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Pen – The Wild Rose

Benu: St. Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Pen – The Wild Rose

The most romantic week of the year has set its foot upon us. And so the onus of finding a suitable Valentine’s Day Gift for your special someone. Something red, something attractive, something useful, something that perfectly reflects the feelings of your heart. Here begins the huge struggle to find something combining all the said elements for your better half.

Look no further because Benu has the most wonderful gift in store for you. St. Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Pen – The Wild Rose. The pen is a treat to the heart! Fashioned gorgeously, the pen is created in a dreamy rose pink colour. It is adorned with small dark-red heart sparkles that lend a passionate look to the pen. You can also find glitter sprinkled all over the pen, adding to its lustre. The makers have left no stone unturned in making the LE Wild Rose the symbol of love this year. To notch things up the love level, they have also implanted dried powder of wild rose into the material of the pen.

The pen is unique in its appearance as well as in its availability. There are only 300 such pieces obtainable, each engraved with its unique serial number. The nibs are available in all three segments – broad, medium, and fine. With a suitable weight of 21 grams, the Benu LE Wild Rose has a standard international size converter and ink cartridge (2.8 inches).


 The makers have illustrated wild rose in their tribute to St. Valentine’s Day because it is widely acknowledged as the symbol of love. Sure, all flowers are lovely but we all know that rose stands high up on the pedestal of romantic emotions. Not only in modern times, but it has also been ascribed as the mark of love and passion throughout historic times.

The flower has a massive history with traces in fossils as well as literature. Given its extensive saga, the wild rose emerges in a series of age-old legends. The most primitive mention of the rose dates back to Greek mythology when Earth was embellished with roses after the wedding of the Goddess of Soul, Psyche, and the God of Love, Eros. Another Greek folklore is about Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. She surfaced from the ocean a-glow with pure white roses but upon hearing about the death of her lover, her tears turned the white colour of the roses into a deep red. Coincidentally, the red rose, in today’s world, is considered the love flower.

 It is said that the Native Americans infused roses into their quillwork and regarded them as powerful defenders against evil spirits. The Wild Rose’s legacy does not stop here. To many communities, it was seen as a representation of survival and vigour.

 Coming to the current times, roses are being preferred by gardening fanatics because of their low maintenance and attractiveness. They are a popular choice amongst perfume makers because of their sweet aroma. They are widely used for decoration in personal events and have even found their way in beverages (rose tea).


Hence, we have pertinently established that roses can never go out of fashion. From ancient Greek mythology to contemporary times, roses have been a sensation beyond the flower world. Join Benu in paying homage to St. Valentine’s Day as they introduce their most romantic fountain pen to date. This year, ditch those silly red coloured boxes or showpieces from gifting shops that practically serve no purpose.

This year, move beyond the bouquet of red roses, this time, express your love with St. Valentine’s Day Limited Edition pen – the Wild Rose. Make your order for the Pen today and announce your love for your special someone. Or, as the makers say, order for your most lovable self. Either way, it’s time to shower some love and immerse in the romantic theme of the Valentine

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