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Christmas Treats, Jingle Bells and Conway Stewart Winston Cherry Red

Christmas Treats, Jingle Bells and Conway Stewart Winston Cherry Red

Christmas - Conway Stewart

Christmas is coming. That means a lot of sweets, stuffing, and gifts are on our way! Well, Conway Stewart has found a way to make this magical time even more enchanting and thrilling. The brand has introduced the Conway Stewart Winston Cherry Red as its limited-edition Christmas Pen 2021. Hearing jingle bells already, you wish! However your year may have gone, you now have a chance to end it with a big cherry bang and treat yourself with the most dashing pen of the season.    

The colours of Christmas are beautifully reflected in this cherry-hued ink pen. Fill it with some crimson ink and you have got the lavish Christmas celebration dinner on your white paper. One good look at the pen and you can hear it whispering ‘Merry Christmas’ to you! The brand surely knows how to warmly connect with the fountain pen fanatics.

Christmas - Conway Stewart

A new twist to the classic 1920s styling, the cherry pen is a bright and zesty model by Conway Stewart. However, the brand has not at all compromised in preserving the elegant look it lends to all its creations. It is undeniably a large pen, studded with the classic gold fittings, one that clearly announces the presence of a Conway Stewart in a crowd. The vibrant pink shade imparts a sense of resplendence to any pair of eyes that sets upon the pen. It stays true to its roots yet manages to spray freshness like a newly decorated Christmas tree. 

Limited to only 210 pens, the Cherry Red Conway Stewart bids a fitting ode to the antique Conway Stewart design. Tapered slightly to the end of the barrel, it has a moderately rounded cap top with a mighty weight of 54 grams. The pen sits comfortably low in your pockets, thanks to its top-mounted clip. And the solid brass liner to the barrel is carefully balanced which makes it an ideal choice for daily use, despite it being mildly overweight. The model is adorned with 9ct gold fittings on the barrel end, hallmarked around the nib section and the cap. These slim loops enhance the appearance of the pen, uplifting it from extraordinary to luxurious.   

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Women, and Collectors, lend your ears to the jingling sound of the satisfying scribbling of this Christmas special fountain pen’s nib on ice-white paper. The brand employs UK’s most skilled and experienced craftsmen to fashion your ideal specifications into a spot-on nib. Every nib proudly dons the Conway Stewart emblem which showcases its loyalty to the vintage brand. You can choose your ideal nib width and even customize it to complement your writing technique choosing from italic, right or left oblique, and stub. The cherry on the cake, you can also get 18ct gold nibs fitted to this fountain pen and receive an impeccable smooth-as-butter writing experience.  

Christmas is not just a holiday. Christmas is not just a festival. Christmas is an entire season of merriment, the sheer joy of gifting, and the ultimate pleasure in finding things to be happy about till next Christmas. Safe to say, the Conway Stewart Winston Cherry Red has secured a stable place in the pleasure section.

Christmas - Conway Stewart

Conway Stewart is leaving no stone unturned in re-establishing its aura of sophistication with every design that originates from its meticulous thinking. The Conway Stewart Winston Cherry Red is a perfect addition to the graceful series that has never failed to awe the onlookers with its seamless fashioning. The brand never fails to deliver timeless designs created with the highest quality materials. With every model, it honours the memory of Sir Winston Churchill, after whom the pen is named.

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