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To commemorate the Coronation of King Charles III, we celebrate this historic event with the Coronation Pen in Sterling Silver. The sterling silver cap is decoratively engraved with a design centered around detail from the Supertunica (also known as the Robe Royal). The Supertunica forms part of the coronation garments worn by British monarchs, and…
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LivTek India and the 3rd India pen Show

The pandemic and the lockdown that followed was perhaps the worst period of time that many of us have encountered in our lives. Yet, we fountain pen, ink, and stationery lovers on the balance, are not complaining. Let me tell you why. For one, forced indoors, many people picked up the fountain pen. Some merely…
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David Oscarson Launches Its Newest Nikola Tesla Collection!

The term ‘Tesla’ is synonymous with sustainable energy today. We all know that one day we would want to own Tesla electric vehicles and drive them without worrying about the planet. Well, the magnanimous EV brand has been named after Nikola Tesla, the man who invented, engineered, and experimented most of his life. The word…
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