Kolkata, India

Tag: Limited Edition

Montegrappa Creates Yet Another Masterpiece, This Time With Smiley!

Montegrappa, the name resonates with creativity, exclusivity, and eccentricity. The makers of Montegrappa have given the fountain pen community some of the quirkiest pens. They are known to treat the users with a combination of fountain pens and some of their favourite fads. Earlier, they have created Limited Edition pens paying tribute to Harry Potter,…
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Fountain pen loving Young Ladies meet to discuss pens, inks, and more at Sulekha Factory

Fountain Pen loving Women-Exclusive Afternoon Tea Session at Sulekha Factory  It is not often when you hear that a group of young women with mutual interests in fountain pens and paraphernalia meet to discuss them! Yes, it happened here, in Kolkata, at the legendary Sulekha Ink Factory where these ladies met for an afternoon tea…
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Conway Stewart, James Bond and the Commander LE

Conway Stewart Series 100 Commander – a Limited Edition pen to celebrate Daniel Craig being made a Commander of the Royal Navy   Ian Fleming, when he created the fictional character of James Bond (double-O-seven) in 1953, little did he suspect that Bond would become the global phenomenon that he is. Books, comic strips, radio,…
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