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LivTek India and the 3rd India pen Show

LivTek India and the 3rd India pen Show

The pandemic and the lockdown that followed was perhaps the worst period of time that many of us have encountered in our lives. Yet, we fountain pen, ink, and stationery lovers on the balance, are not complaining. Let me tell you why.

For one, forced indoors, many people picked up the fountain pen. Some merely to kill time, some as a hobby. Again, a huge number of people had, thanks to the pandemic, become aware of the ill effects of plastic pollution – a way out of which is provided by the sustainable fountain pen and ink. This too had added numbers to the new converts list. Point is, even after things have started to limp back to normalcy, most have remained loyal to their pen and ink. The result is a solid accretion to the actual users of fountain pens. Accretion to the number of those who have picked up journaling as a hobby. Accretion to the number of those who have expanded the horizon by moving into new art forms like painting with inks. Accretion of those who are wielding the fountain pen to address several psycho-somatic issues.

The second important thing that has happened without many of us noticing is the way the action has shifted from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce platforms. Yes, web-based entities were there before the pandemic, but the way they have started straddling the marketplace and the kind of expertise that some of them have gained in the intervening period is certainly astounding. Besides, because of obvious reasons, these platforms can offer spreads that very few stationery stores, except the massive ones that is can match.

Take the example of LivTek India for example, which is part of a consortium that has diversified interests in packaging, warehousing – logistics, and luxury goods Sales & Marketing. LivTek India Pvt Ltd has been at the forefront of getting major lifestyle brands into the country which help plan, organize, and enrich life.

The Company is headquartered out of Mumbai and has a focus on bringing-in lifestyle products from UK, Europe, and USA. LivTek India’s product portfolio includes Filofax oganizers -planners and clipbooks & Letts of London diaries from the UK; Monteverde pens from the USA; Waldmann and Yard-o-Led sterling silver pens from Germany and the UK respectively; Stipula pens from Italy; Yard-o-Led sterling silver pens from the UK; Swedish design Ogon credit card wallets from France; and the newly introduced Castelli Milano golden gilded notebooks from Italy. Additionally, LivTek India’s own diaries and MiPad notebooks are also available.

The company has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata and a representative office for the South in Bangalore. The brands are positioned in stores in elite hotels and shopping malls which are frequented by brand-conscious clientele.

LivTek is one of the sponsors of the 3rd India Pen Show (TIPS III) which is being organised at the Nehru Centre, Worli, from the 17th to the 19th of February, 2023. The theme of the show will be “Write for Good.”

Vikrant M, of Livtek looking at pens 

More than 50 brands from around the world will display their products as far as confirmations to date suggest. 5000 plus visitors are expected to visit the show – and these are conservative estimates – where they can interact with some of the most respected collectors, academics, calligraphers, and pen, ink, and ephemera historians. Members of different fountain pen communities from around the country (and abroad) will also be present. The 3-day extravaganza will also feature several side events like handwriting, lettering, and calligraphy workshops; talks and presentations on fountain pen collecting; ink testing ceremonies; and the like. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the 3rd India Pen Show, acknowledged as the biggest event of its kind in these parts of the world, is hoping to shatter all previous records in terms of quality, content, and participation this year.

For More information contact: https://theindiapenshow.com/

For more on LivTek: https://livtekindia.com/


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