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Discovering the Venetian Lagoon: the fourth stop explores Burano

Aurora’s “Secret Journey to Italy” continues in the pursuit of curiosity and the discovery of the fascinating secrets of our Peninsula. The fourth leg of the journey explores Burano, a small fishing island near Venice. Known for its famous laces, among the most renowned in the world, not everyone knows that an enchanting peculiarity of this place is also the bright colors of its houses, which in times past oriented boatmen, allowing them to locate the houses at night, even in the presence of thick fog, typical of the Venetian lagoon.

The fourth chapter, then, takes us to a place full of vitality, and the fountain pen, in a Limited Edition of 888 pieces (price €790 each), is inspired by the wonderful colors of Burano.

The body of the pen echoes this rainbow of hues that characterize the island, which is further evoked in the intense purple of the ink to create a unique writing experience.

Like each stage of Aurora’s “Secret Journey to Italy”, Burano is accompanied by a playlist of iconic songs evocative of the atmosphere of the place, accessible via QR code, creating a synesthesia between sight and hearing for an experience that pervades all the senses. In addition, a souvenir postcard is associated with the pen, featuring a watercolor depicting the wonders of the fascinating location.

Aurora Penne

The company founded in Turin in 1919 is led today by the fourth generation of the Verona Family, which has been involved in the world of writing for more than two centuries and is represented by Cesare Verona, President, and CEO.

Aurora Pens is the only company in the writing industry 100% Made in Italy.

Within the Turin-based factory, production, which covers an area of 10,000 square meters, includes writing instruments of different types, rollerballs, ballpoint pens, and especially fountain pens, including the in-house manufacture of the nib in steel or gold that bears the ancient 5TO hallmark.

Aurora writing instruments are creations whose beauty is echoed in mechanical perfection; they are born from a passion that has been handed down for more than 100 years and takes shape thanks to the skills of master craftsmen and the most innovative technologies currently available.

Independent manufacturing allows for quality control from design to production, giving the brand total autonomy in creative terms with a constant striving for excellence.

Aurora also signs collections of watches and fine leather accessories.

Numerous distinguished designers have collaborated on pens, including Marcello Nizzoli, Marco Zanuso, Giorgetto Giugiaro, and Giampiero Bodino. Among the most iconic pens are 88, Optima, Ipsilon, Hastil, and Thesi.

Within the context of the Company’s production area are the Writing Workshop, a museum and Family Foundation, and a Restaurant open to the public.

Aurora is distributed in 50 countries worldwide and expresses sales directed about 25 percent in Italy and 75 percent abroad.

Aurora in Italy, in addition to a single-brand boutique in Rome at Via del Babuino 12 and Milan at Via San Pietro all’Orto 17, is also present in about 200 dealers.


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