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David Oscarson Launches Its Newest Nikola Tesla Collection!

David Oscarson Launches Its Newest Nikola Tesla Collection!

The term ‘Tesla’ is synonymous with sustainable energy today. We all know that one day we would want to own Tesla electric vehicles and drive them without worrying about the planet. Well, the magnanimous EV brand has been named after Nikola Tesla, the man who invented, engineered, and experimented most of his life. The word ‘Tesla’ began to fade and go into the shadows because the brilliant man was remembered as nothing more than a mad genius. When Elon Musk named the company after him, the world witnessed a Nikola Tesla revival!

Nikola Tesla was a genius at everything he did. He was an electrical engineer, a genius inventor, and a stark visionary. He spent all his years making valuable contributions to the fields of electricity, robotics, and radio. He is the man on whom Hollywood movies base the characters of their world-changing scientists on. A little chaotic and a little eccentric, the man’s mind was brilliant. He was different and he knew it. In fact, his unconventionalities made him what we know about him today – a futurist.

Whilst we are on the subject of talented men who have changed the course of fields they are in, let’s talk about David Oscarson, the innovator of the fountain pen industry. The man is known for his trendsetting guilloche techniques that make a fountain pen a piece of art. He has already worked on so many interesting subjects: Ellis Island, Sea Turtle, Lord Ganesha, and so on. Pen collectors from all over the world look forward to the launch of his new collections. This time, he has decided to pay homage to one of the greatest minds of the scientific community in history – Nikola Tesla. 

David Oscarson

Yes, it is happening! Now, you can hold the two strong Alternating Currents: Nikola Tesla and Davis Oscarson in your hands and even wield your thoughts using the force of the electric current. The latest creation of David Oscarson features a very compelling tribute to the legendary inventor who designed the alternating current electricity supply system. The system is still used in most electric motors today because of its efficiency to distribute power using a rotating magnetic field.

The Davis Oscarson’s Nikola Tesla Collection is available in both fountain pen and rollerball versions. The body of the pen is made of solid sterling silver and the nib is 18 karat gold available in three sizes – broad, medium, and fine. It has all three filling systems – eyedropper, convertor, and cartridge. The design of the pen is created with hot enamel and guilloche engraving to bring the subject (current) to life. The pen also features a reproduction of Tesla’s signature and the symbol for alternating current on the barrel.

David Oscarson

According to the information we received from David Oscarson, the collection is currently planned in three colors – translucent white, gray, and mossy black that blend into opaque black matched to silver accents; translucent white, orange, and red enamel that blend into opaque black, matched to gold-plated appointments; and gradient blends of translucent white, lavender, and deep purple to opaque black matched to silver-plated accents. David Oscarson illuminates the matter of color selection for the Nikola Tesla Collection, “We blended not only different colors of translucent hard (hot) enamel on the Tesla Collection but we also made our first attempt at blending translucent and opaque enamels on this piece, from deep purple to opaque black. Very cool…actually, very hot!”

The fountain pen is not only a tribute to the legendary Nikola Tesla. It also honors remarkable potential and pure intellect. The Collection marks the idea that a flawed human being has the ability to alter the course of mankind for the better. How so much around us needs to be perceived from a different angle and how reality is different for everyone. The Nikola Tesla collection is all about the genius and motivation to explore possibilities. What are you going to dream of with this fountain pen first? What are you going to discover when the nib scratches beautifully on a blank page?

Don’t hold back. The prospects are many.

Note: The Tesla Fountain Pen is currently available only for pre-order.

For more information, visit davidoscarson.com


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