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Click Presents 30 Exquisite Pens To J’s La Quill Museum

Click Presents 30 Exquisite Pens To J’s La Quill Museum

J’s La Quill Museum is the brainchild of Handwriting Maestro Prof K.C. Janardhan. It is a first-of-its-kind museum on Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Fountain Pens, Inks & other writing instruments. The motivation behind the museum is somewhat directly related to the slow yet steady decline in popularity of the art of handwriting. What began as our first official mode of communication is now fighting a battle with digital screens and abbreviated words on keypads.

The presence of the museum in one of the most developed cities of India will serve as a platform for youngsters to comprehend the art form. Today, the museum has over 1000 fountain pens both on and off the display and 14 boxes of vintage nibs in mint condition, each carrying 144 nibs that were imported during the early 1900’s. Many companies from both India and abroad have shown considerable interest in offering pens to the museum for a vivid presentation.

Recently, Click presented 30 fountain pens with ebonite, acrylic, and CAB material to the museum along with lettering sets and acrylic display holders. In addition, the popular Indian brand has also offered different-sized nibs, feed material rods, small-cut sheets, and other parts. The museum has decided to dedicate a shelf to Click for its outstanding contribution. It has also received a typewriter from the same company that has been refurbished by Prof. Janardhan to achieve proper working condition.

’s La Quill Museum

When asked why Click chose these very pens for the J’s La Quill Museum, Harsh Gagwani, owner of Click pens, said, “We tried to give our regular range of pens to showcase the variety that we offer for day-to-day writing. The presence of Click pens in the museum will let the visitors know the efforts and meticulousness that goes into the minute detailing of every fountain pen. They can experience the pens first-hand and understand that the ink-filling mechanism used in the Click pens is completely safe.” 

Haesh Gagwani was elated and attracted towards the museum when he first heard the idea from the Handwriting Maestro. As one of India’s top fountain pen brands, Click instantly wanted to be a significant part of it. He proclaimed his admiration for the museum’s unique concept of encouraging writing with fountain pens and added that it is a must-visit for every fountain pen lover. There is a need to create awareness about it, as more and more people are taking up handwriting as a hobby and the footfalls are bound to increase in the near future, predicts Gagwani.

The museum is essentially designed and curated to preserve the habit of handwriting. It warmly welcomes like-minded individuals and corporates to join and encourage the cause. Very soon, the museum will be a hub of all the fountain pen brands of the world. Right now, it is home to pens and related accessories from leading companies like Mont Blanc, Pelikan, Waterman, Conway Stewart, Lamy, Pilot, Lapis Bard, Sheaffer, Cross, Visconti, Stipula, among many others. J’s La Quill Museum also acknowledges the presence of other Indian brands like Gama, Ratnam, Guider, Prasad, Beena, V’sign, Lotus Pens, Sulekha, Bril and Krishna Inks, among many others. Truly, the variety is extraordinary as visitors vouch.

’s La Quill Museum

Many pen collectors who have thousands of fountain pens don’t know what will happen to their prized possessions after they are gone. Whether these will end up in black vintage pen shops or with the kabbadiwala!  We, as avid fountain pen lovers, know that these are the last places we want to see any fountain pen. The museum will give them an avenue to leave behind a legacy before the world. It will house their collection and commemorate their contribution by giving them proper attribution.

The museum has another aspect to it as well. All the visitors coming to the museum can try a range of fountain pens, as in which one suits their hand the best, which ink they find perfect, and which nib suits their writing style. They can view the museum as an experience center where they can try out different fountain pens and instruments and make a conscious decision about what to get for themselves. Unlike many fountain pen stores that don’t give this privilege to customers, J’s La Quill museum attempts to make users informed about the subject. 

This very fact makes it evident for all the fountain pen brands to be present in the museum. Not only will they get a boost to their business but they will also get a relevant platform to get across fountain pens to a diverse audience comprising students, professionals, and corporates. All these features point at one thing – the museum will soon emerge as a heaven for every fountain pen and accessories lover.

Ending this story with Prof Janardhan’s words, “thanks to Click for taking this initiative. It will encourage other brands to come forward. Click has indeed clicked enthusiastically with our museum!”

For More information about the museum: https://jsquill.com/

For More information about Click: http://www.uniquepen.in/


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  1. Kishore Ramaswamy says:

    A befitting tribute and write up on Shri Janardhan.

  2. The Typewriter which i gifted to the J`s La quill Museum belong to the founder of the company my grandfather Shri Gokuldas Gagwani it was his personal Typewriter, I had somewhat preserved it with me in memory of him.

    Now at J`s La Quill Musuem it will be everlasting


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