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Montegrappa Creates Yet Another Masterpiece, This Time With Smiley!

Montegrappa Creates Yet Another Masterpiece, This Time With Smiley!

Montegrappa, the name resonates with creativity, exclusivity, and eccentricity. The makers of Montegrappa have given the fountain pen community some of the quirkiest pens. They are known to treat the users with a combination of fountain pens and some of their favourite fads. Earlier, they have created Limited Edition pens paying tribute to Harry Potter, F1 Formula Race, Telescope, and so on.

The company has achieved an implicit mastery in making uncommon creations. These creations boast gripping stories and precision engineering by Montegrappa. They truly give justice to the craft they are inspired from. With these Limited Edition fountain pens, Montegrappa crosses the conventional limits of inventiveness in the community. One can say that this mirrors the limitless imagination of writers in producing a literature masterpiece!


The latest entry to the LE club is the Smiley® 50th Anniversary Artist’s Edition. Let us give you a little back story about the brand.

A journalist at France-Soir, in 1972, drew a yellow smiley face on the top of the newspaper. It was done to highlight the soft stories of the day. Slowly, the practice of tagging good news became popular. What was born as a symbol of happy news became a universally known brand available in over 100 countries. Today, the lifestyle brand partners with leading global retailers to spread positivity through stationery, fashion, entertainment products, and so on. 

The motto of Smiley® has been the same throughout its 50-years journey, promote empathy, free expression, gratitude, and compassion among people. It’s quite simple actually – they strive to develop a better future! And as it says on their website, “This starts by taking the time to smile.”

This brings us to their collaboration with pen-making luxury brand Montegrappa.


Who thought one could make a fountain pen look more positive? Well, Montegrappa surely knows the drill. A one-of-its-kind alliance, the anniversary edition features art by iconic graffiti artist André Saraiva. The script offers translation to “Prenez le temps de sourire” – the original tagline that welcomed readers warmly at France-Soir newspaper in 1972. The one-off fountain pen is designed to commemorate 50 years of Smiley’s achievement at spreading positive vibes.

Smiley® has always kept up with its legacy of producing artistic creations aimed at embracing positivity and inspiring lives. The pen radiates upbeat vibrations to onlookers with its sunny colour. The artwork has been impeccably infused into the pen’s body. The slogan is designed to nourish the mind with bright thoughts. The pen is certainly a technical as well as an artistic feat. 


Montegrappa has incorporated the Smiley® logo at the cap with a pink-hued spray-paint. The hand-coated tagline bends into a curve to impart a smile to the graceful ZERO. The 50th Smiley® anniversary pen is available in all modes (fountain pen, rollerball, and ball-point) and is limited to 365 numbers. The pen is finished in resin and IP palladium steel. Like the newspaper that used to greet the users with a smile every day, a cheerful smile is embossed into a custom 14K gold nib. The number of the edition along with the signature of the artist is imprinted in the metal. To complete the look of the pen, the box comes with a complimentary bottle of ink, needless to say, Smiley®’s special-edition ink. 

Today, Smiley® is a byword for positive vibes. Although it is popular for the special digital characters that have become a universal language, Smiley® symbolizes peace and harmony. It keeps a simple and direct approach – in the hustle and bustle of this chaotic world, take some time out to SMILE. Invest in your positivity and surrender yourself to the power of words.      

After the pandemic induced fear, people are uncertain about the future. Smiley® aims to recalibrate people’s moods and establish an ethos of positivity and creativity for individuals looking to connect and inspire. I guess, at their 50th birthday, they flicked their wands and casted a magic spell to create something meaningful and visionary.

Sunshine, Daisies, Butter Mellow, Turn This Fountain Pen Yellow!


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