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Click me a Colour

Click me a Colour

Click Aristocrats. I am obsessed with Click Aristocrats. I can never have enough of them and seldom am I without one with me. My birthdays and other special days are easy for my near and dear ones – all they have to do is buy me another Aristocrat and to be fair to them, I too never tire of getting Click Aristocrats as gifts!

As Click lovers will agree, these pens are extremely robust, are value for money, come in all the hues of the rainbow and are a sheer delight to write with and carry. Almost all the dealers I have asked has said that the Click Aristocrat is the pen that they sell the most and it continues to be the best entry level fountain pen in India. They are no-nonsense, fit in almost all hands and are extremely amenable to the dainty hands of us ladies, but they do create a problem. A problem of plenty! The vexing question being which one to carry on a particular day? Surely, being impartial and loving them equally, I cannot choose one Aristocrat over the others?

And there is a solution, a perfectly working one at that too. I simply follow the colours associated with the days of the week, carrying the Click of the day! It is simple, and as my mother swears, works wonders, aligning one with the greater cosmic truths. She had originally explained, and I have since done a little study on the subject myself, every day of the week has a ruling planet with its own presiding colour and by embracing that particular colour we are aligning ourselves with the harmonies of higher realms. Simple as it may sound, for the believer, the influence can be profound. Trust me, I am a practitioner!

Sunday, for example, is ruled by the influence of the sun. The ruling colour is red and the pen that I carry is the Click Aristocrat Red. It is a coincidence, but my first Click pen was this Red one and somehow beginning the week with Red gives me the goosepimples. By filling it up with the customary red, me feels, adds to the positivity.


Monday is ruled by the moon and the reigning colour is yellow and naturally, it is the brownish yellow Click that I carry the whole day. If cheerfulness has a colour, it would be me with my yellow Falcon acrylic Click on Mondays.

Pink is associated with Tuesdays, when Mars rules the roost. I am at my Barbie best, needless to say and somehow, the soft hue of baby pink is known to work wonders on my mood and my day. Have I ever felt down or depressed on a Tuesday? Can’t really remember.

Wednesdays are similarly influenced by green as the Mercury takes charge of the things. No, I don’t go green with jealousy on Wednesday as quite on the contrary, green to me symbolises vitality, youthful energies, sustainable nature. The Click Falcon green, need I say represent all these things to me and more?


Orange is the reigning colour of Thursdays when Jupiter gets on the ascent. Is it only me who has this fetish for orange pens filled with orange inks? Well, I for one just cruise through Thursdays, thanks to the Click Aristocrat Orange.

The ruling planet on Fridays is Venus and the colour associated with the day is light blue. The soothing blue has a calming effect on the nerves and perhaps because Fridays, merge into the weekend, the mind always cheers up as I go for my blue Click pen. Somehow and don’t ask me to explain why, I have my Friday pen filled with turquoise ink which just seems to add that dash of spice to my writings and my day.

Saturday on the other hand has always kind of been strong for me. The ruling planet is Saturn and the associated colours are purple and black. I have Aristocrats of both the colours, that too with matching inks and while I do not have any preference for one over the other, I have this quirky feeling that on days that I use the black pen, the feelings and passions and experiences are more intense than on the days when I use the purple one.

Newton had broken white light into its constituent colours. Every week I break happiness into its spectrum of Click Aristocrats. Why don’t you join me as we play this game of matching outfits with Clicks? Inks and Clicks? Moods and Clicks?

  • Jyotshna Agiwal

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