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Beena: The Pen That Stands for Quality, Value And comes with a Decades Old Legacy

Beena: The Pen That Stands for Quality, Value And comes with a Decades Old Legacy

Beena. The Pen that has been making us proud for a long time now.

I held a Beena for the first time just 10 days ago. And I could not take my eyes or hands off it. My mentor, Chawm Sir, presented a Beena Antic to me as a New Year gift. Instantly, I realized what the fuss was all about. Why the pen is looked at with so much respect and held with so much love. A perfectly balanced light-weight pen, it is a champion in comfort and filled with features!

Let’s hear all about Beena from the third generation in the family business, Nikhil Motwani: 

www.penloverskolkata.com:  As India’s oldest continuously running mass producer of fountain pens, how do you see the industry as it is today? 

Nikhil Motwani, Beena:  We see the industry as an opportunity today. We believe there is a lot of scope if we (all the manufacturers) can manufacture more quality products at an affordable price range. The number of Fountain Pen users that value a good quality product seems to be rising and we believe the good old days are right around the corner.


www.penloverskolkata.com: What are the major challenges that Beena has overcome since its inception in 1965 to have reached this position of pre-eminence? 

Nikhil Motwani, Beena: I think the biggest challenge that we faced was when the cheap quality Chinese products had started to take over the market. But I am very proud of how our country has flushed them out slowly and brought back the soul of writing with our local products.

www.penloverskolkata.com: What is the USP of a Beena Pen? 

Nikhil Motwani, Beena: I believe the USP of Beena pens is the pen itself:  the quality we provide can be matched with some of the leading, expensive pen brands at a price that no one has yet been able to reach.


www.penloverskolkata.com: What are your plans for the immediate future? 

Nikhil Motwani, Beena: We are already doing well in the student category. For the immediate future, we plan to make a few models for the luxury segment as well. We will, very soon, be launching a pen in that respect.

www.penloverskolkata.com: From where you stand, do you see a revival in the use of fountain pens? 

Nikhil Motwani, Beena: Like I said before, the users are growing on a daily basis, and not just standard users, but quality users. It’s not just FP enthusiasts now. I believe very soon we will be back to the era where fountain pens will again become a regular writing instrument.

www.penloverskolkata.com: What should be done to ensure that more youngsters take up and use the fountain pen, especially as a means of digital detoxification in their lives? 

Nikhil Motwani, Beena: In this age of psychological issues, the biggest target for reforms and change in behavioral patterns, are going to be the youngsters. Something as simple as journaling on a physical diary goes a long way and well, what better way to detox than to write down all about how a person feels emotionally with a pen that has the most amount of personal touch. Some might even call it therapeutic.

www.penloverskolkata.com: Anything that you would like to communicate to our readers.

Nikhil Motwani, Beena: If I were to touch the sensitive topic of environment, it’s better to use a fountain pen than the counter options, as a fountain pen, if used right, can last for centuries, generating absolutely no plastic waste.

As an ardent user of fountain pens, I am completely satisfied with the pen’s quality of gliding smoothly over the paper. It is sturdy and seamless, and makes a great companion for everyday use.  

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/Vsignpens


3 Responses

  1. Pradeep S Raisinghani says:

    At beena their quality speaks a lot I have been using beena pen since my childhood I.e school days.,the pen quality is best in its class.

  2. Amitava Chakraborty says:

    I recently got a plethora of Beena pens
    V’sign Proton Flora Gold
    Beena 500
    Beena Magic
    V’sign NEO
    Beena Antic
    V’sign Stride
    V’sign Cute
    All of them writes beautifully, can be compared to the writings of the established foreign brands. It is a pity that I do not get to see these pens in the market that much.

  3. Frank says:

    This beena pens are awesome on my milky paper Moleskine notebooks!


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