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Love For Fountain Pens Blossoms in a College Corridor – Jyotshna Agiwal

Love For Fountain Pens Blossoms in a College Corridor – Jyotshna Agiwal

Love for Fountain Pens – My story!

As I was walking through the corridor of The Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC), I heard someone talking about fountain pens. With exams in mind and books in hand, I chose to ignore the conversation and simply continue with my work. How much I wish I had paid some heed, rather than fading out the intense discussion so foolishly!

Two years later:

In the same corridor, I saw a poster on the commencement of a Corporate Communications Programme by Chawm Ganguly Sir. I was immediately drawn to it owing to my already high interest in the subject. That’s when I first met Chawm Sir, a teacher by profession, human by chance, and fountain pen lover by choice. And this is where it all began – my eternal love for fountain pens.

Yusuf Mansoor, Sukla Roy and Chawm Ganguly with the students of BESC

Chawm Sir used to carry a different fountain pen every day. One day, a distinct peacock coloured pen sparked my curiosity in the exquisite object. This was the moment my life changed. I asked all sorts of rookie questions to Chawm Sir about it which he patiently answered. The variety, the technique, the feel, and the experience all appealed to me. The discussion was an eye-opener to me. The best thing I found about them was their environment-friendliness. There is minimal waste and harm to the flora. After this encounter, there was no stopping me.

Seeing my growing interest, Chawm  Sir invited me to a programme on Fountain Pens. I was ecstatic to attend my first event of this kind. By this time, I had 3 fountain pens to kickstart my journey. Well, I was slowly converting my faith into them, one can say. There, he introduced me to Mr Yusuf Mansoor, another fountain pen connoisseur. As a surprise, Chawm  Sir arranged for him to give me a fountain pen for my achievements in academics. Cherry on a cake! He gave me some tips on how to handle fountain pens. Unlike other pens, fountain pens are not non-living, they require constant care and careful treatment. Honestly, it was a delight to meet him and get advice on something he is so passionate about!

My First Love

My love for fountain pens is on an all-time high due to the ongoing conditions. It gives me a sense of satisfaction amidst the surrounding chaos. A pleasure that is unparalleled to any other activity. When I look back, I wish if I had listened to the corridor discussion initially, I would have had two more years in my experience-with-the-fountain-pen kitty. Nevertheless, life is too short to regret and even shorter to explore the magnetic world of fountain pens. So, delve in, but, beware, once you get in, you won’t be able to get out. Not because someone will force you, but you will be naturally trapped in the richly flowing world of ink.      

There’s something mystical in the way you look,

There’s something magical in the way I hold you,

I will never fall short of words henceforth,

Your existence has given way to my rebirth.  

At a Fountain Pen Event as a delegate!

Share your story describing your love for fountain pens with us!  

Jyotshna Agiwal is doing Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Calcutta. She is an avid blogger, a professional content writer and is the author of the popular blog: www.jyotshnawrites.com


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